Tome, Uraga Ethiopia


Tome, Uraga Ethiopia



Uraga Woreda

Guji Ethiopia

Washed process

Tome is a privately owned and operated washing station in Uraga, situated between Shakiso and Hambela. Tome is operated by Tadesse Edema, a producer with more than a decade of experience operating multiple washing stations. Tome was constructed 8 years ago. Coffee is grown by smallholders all above 1900 metres altitude and delivered to the washing station. This washed process coffee was fermented for 24 to 36 hours and sun dried for up to 18 days. 

Coffee from Uraga carries a very god reputation. The area is known for coffees packed with sweetness, complexity and texture. This fits the bill for us! We love the clarity of the cup, the floral aromatics and syrupy texture. This is a very refined coffee and an absolute star as a filter. 

This area of the world is known as the birthplace of coffee and we have a real adoration of the variety of profiles in Ethiopian coffee. It is mind blowing that these heirloom coffee trees continue to grow as they have for literally hundreds of years and produce some of the most delicious and sort after cups in the modern coffee world. We always take this into account when roasting Ethiopian coffees.


White peach

Blood orange


Orange blossom  

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